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Abendunterricht auf dem Land - mit Sonnenenergie, Lichtblicke in Mosambik (Brita Emmermacher und Karsten Dreimann) 19-10-2015
  • Municipal ICT Capacity and its Impact on the Climate-Change Affected Urban Poor The Case of Mozambique (Relhav Gauran) 19-10-2015
    Assessing the risk of cyclone-induced storm surge and sea level rise in Mozambique (James E. Neumann, Kerry A. Emanuel, Sai Ravela, Lindsay C. Ludwig, Caroleen Verly) 19-10-2015
    MOZAMBIQUE - a comprehensive Analysis (Genito A. Maure, Timothy S. Thomas, Sepo Hachigonta, Lindiwe Majele Sibanda) 19-10-2015
    Governing climate change for a just city: Challenges and lessons from Maputo, Mozambique (Vanesa Castán Broto, Bridget Oballa & Paulo Junior) 19-10-2015
    Klimawandel lässt Frauen im Regen stehen. Studie zum Klimawandel und Gender in Mosambik (Sarah Leal Pinto) 19-10-2015
  • Building Collaborative Partnerships for Climate Change Action in Maputo, Mozambique (Castan Broto, Vanesa / Macucule, Domingos Augusto / Boyd, Emily / Ensor, Jonathan / Allen, Charlotte) 19-10-2015
    Gender and Climate Change: Namibia Case Study (Angula, Margaret HBS/HBF) 08-11-2015
    A local vision of climate adaptation: Participatory urban planning, Mozambique (Vanesa Castán Broto, Emily Boyd, Jonathan Ensor, Domingos Augusto Macucule, Charlotte Allen) 19-10-2015
    Grosse Pläne – viele Fragen –heftige Debatten (Richard Brand) 19-10-2015
  • Ökostrom, Solarstrom, Projektbericht (Agnes Dieckmann, Helmut Behnisch) 19-10-2015
  • Climate uncertainty and economic development, Evaluating the case of Mozambique to 2050 (Channing Arndt and James Thurlow) 19-10-2015
    The prize of inaction in Mozambique (Chunning Arndt, Kenneth Strzepek, Finn Tarp, James Thurlow, Charles Fant, Len Wright) 19-10-2015
    Adapting to Climate Change: An Integrated Biophysical and Economic Assessment for Mozambique (Arndt, Channing / Strzepek, Kenneth / Tarp, Finn / Thurlow, James / Fant, Charles / Wright Len) 19-10-2015
    Infrastructure and climate change, Impacts and adaptations for the Zambezi River Valley (Paul S. Chinowsky, Amy E. Schweikert, Niko L. Strzepek, and Kenneth Strzepek) 19-10-2015
    Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: The Case of Mozambique (Arndt, C., K. Strzepek, J. Thurlow, and L. Wright) 19-10-2015
    South-South REDD: A Brazil–Mozambique Initiative for Zero Deforestation with Pan-African Relevance (Nhantumbo, Isilda) 22-10-2015
    Understanding carbon loss and potential interventions in Manica, Mozambique (Nhantumbo, Isilda) 22-10-2015
    CLIMATE CHANGE LEGISLATION IN MOZAMBIQUE - AN EXCERPT (Nachmany, M. / Fankhauser, S. / Davidová, J. et al. LSE) 01-11-2015
    Adaptation to climate change in Southern Africa: New boundaries for sustainable development (STEFFEN BAUER / IMME SCHOLZ) SADC 23-11-2015
    Southern African Development Community Regional Environmental Education Programme, Contextualising curriculum design and recontextualising its implementation (Mukute M. et al. / SADC) 23-11-2015
    Southern African Agriculture and Climate Change: A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS — MOZAMBIQUE (Maure, Genito A., Silena Bila, Sepo Hachigonta, Lindiwe M. Sibanda, Timothy S. Thomas IFPRI) 05-11-2015
    Gender and climate change, Mozambique case study (Ribeiro, Natasha / Chaúque, Aniceto HBS) 08-11-2015
    Climate Risk and Adaptation Country Profile: Mozambique (World Bank) 18-11-2015
    SADC’s response to climate change – the role of harmonised law and policy on mitigation in the energy sector (BARNARD M. SADC) 23-11-2015
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