NAMIBIA AND ANGOLA (Bernd Althusmann, Hans Siglbauer KAS)

For years, climate change and the consequences it has for Africa has been a subject of debate, one conducted with varying degrees of intensity and for different reasons and motivations. IPCC’s 2007 report painted a clear picture of the consequences of climate change for southern Africa in general and for the driest country in southern Africa, Namibia, specifically. Among other findings, the report concluded that climate change presented a serious threat to livelihoods, particularly those of the poorest segments of the population, and that it would adversely affect agriculture in countries like Namibia due to decreased precipitation. It named climate change as the cause of future developments in Sub-Saharan Africa such as declining grain harvests, changes in water run-off and its availability, growing tensions due to increased drought and flooding, and impacts on ecosystems and livelihoods due to higher temperatures and aridity.

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