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REDD+ piloting process in the Zanzibar islands, Tanzania, The assessment of the community perceptions and attitudes (Sutta, H.E. / Silayo, D.A.) 21-10-2015
Tanzania National Climate Change Finance Analysis (Pius Yanda, Deograsias Mushi, Abdallah Issa Henku, Faustin Maganga, Honesty Minde, Nico Malik, Adolphine Kateka, Neil Bird, Helen Tilley) 21-10-2015
Climate Change and Health in Tanzania (Euster Kibona) 21-10-2015
Mitigation potential of the MICCA Programme Pilot Project: Enhancing agricultural mitigation within the CARE International Hillside Conservation Agriculture Project (HICAP) in the United Republic of Tanzania (Madeleine Jönnson) 21-10-2015
Green Development, Natural Resource Financialization and Emerging Conflict in Southern Africa with Examples from Implementation Contexts in Madagascar, Tanzania and South Africa (Amber Huff) 21-10-2015
Perceptions of water access in the context of climate change by rural households in the Seke and Murewa districts, Zimbabwe (Mudombi, S. / Muchie, M.) 04-11-2015
Forest ecosystems in the transition to a green economy and the role of REDD+ in the United Republic of Tanzania (Abidoye, Babatunde / Mungatana, Eric / Mahlalela, Linda / Sacolo, Thabo) 21-10-2015
NIE study report, Tanzania (Forum CC) 21-10-2015
Climate Finance in Tanzania (Bird, Neil / Yanda, Pius) 21-10-2015
Delivering climate services for farmers and pastoralists through interactive radio: Scoping report for the GFCS Adaptation Programme in Africa (Hampson, K.J. / Chapota, R. / Emmanuel, J. / Tall, A. / Huggins-Rao, S. / Leclair, M. / Perkins, K. / Kaur, H. 21-10-2015
What climate services do farmers and pastoralists need in Tanzania, Baseline study for the GFCS Adaptation Program in Africa (Coulibaly, J.Y. / Mango, J. / Swamila, M. / Tall, A. / Kaur, H. / Hansen, J.:) 21-10-2015
Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security in Tanzania (Arndt, C., W. Farmer, K. Strzepek, and J. Thurlow) 21-10-2015
Learning and envisioning under climatic uncertainty: An African experience (Tschakert, Petra / Dietrich, Kathleen / Prins, Esther / Shaffer, Jen / Liwenga, Emma / Asiedu, Alex) 21-10-2015
Training Agricultural Research & Extension Staff to Produce and Communicate Agro-Climatic Advisories, to Enhance the Resilience and Food Security of Farmers and Pastoralists in Tanzania (Dorward, P., Tall, A., Kaur, H. and Hansen, J.) 21-10-2015
Understanding climate change and manifestations of its driven impacts in the semi-arid areas of Dodoma Region, Tanzania (Mayaya, H.K. / Opata, G. / Kipkorir, E.C.) 21-10-2015
Enabling resilience: bridging the planning gap in Tanzania (Sam Greene) 21-10-2015
Rainfall-induced crop failure, food insecurity and outmigration in Same-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Afifi, Tamer / Liwenga, Emma / Lukas, Kwezi) 01-11-2015
Food security in a climate perspective: What role could private sector play regarding investment in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia? (Bachke, Maren Elise / Haug, Ruth) 01-11-2015
Tanzania talks climate (BBC) 01-11-2015
Scaling up climate services in Tanzania (CGUIAR/CCAFS) 01-11-2015
Dar es Salaam – Making Cities resilient (Ebalu, Oscar) 01-11-2015
The role of forest and wildlife conservation policies on implementation of REDD+ initiatives in Tanzania (Iddi, S.) 01-11-2015
Policy Action for Climate Change Adaptation (PACCA) (ITTA/CGIAR/CCAFS)) 01-11-2015
The Cost of Managing Forest Carbon under REDD+ Initiatives: A Case of Kolo Hills Forests in Kondoa District, Dodoma, Tanzania (Kabura, John / Dos Santos, A. Silayo / Arild, Vatn) 01-11-2015
The context of REDD+ in Tanzania: Drivers, agents and institutions (Kweka D. / Carmenta R. / Hyle M. / Mustalahti I. / Dokken T. / Brockhaus M.) 01-11-2015
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