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Keywords: sea level rise, storm surge, tropical cyclone risk, flood risk, southern Africa, Mozambique, Sea, Tropical storm, Flood, Maputo, Beira

Suchbegriffe: Mosambik, Meer, Tropensturm, Flut, Maputo, Beira


Keywords: Botswana, climate change, agriculture.

Schlagwörter: Botswana, Klimawandel, Landwirtschaft.

Copyright: CDKN



Keywords: Mozambique, Agriculture, Climate Model, Climate Scenarios, Health, Infrastructure

Schlagwörter: Mosambik, Landwirtschaft, Klimamodelle, Klimaszenarien, Gesundheit, Infrastruktur, Mozambique, Flood, Storm, Drought, Agriculture, Health, Mosambik, Flut, Sturm, Dürre, Landwirtschaft, Gesundheit

Keywords: Tanzania, climate change, politics, agriculture, economy, livelihoods, adaptation, mitigation, floods, CO2 emmissions

Schlagwörter: Tansania, Klimawandel, Politik, Landwirtschaft, Wirtschaft, Livelihoods, Anpassung, Mitigation, Flut, CO2 Emissionen

Keywords: Mozambique, Urban Development, Climate Change Governance

Schlagwörter: Mosambik, Stadtentwicklung, Klimapolitik

Keywords: Namibia, climate change, gender, adaptation, agriculture, households.

Schlagwörter: Namibia, Klimawandel, Gender, Anpassung, Landwirtschaft, Haushalte.

Copyright: HBS/HBF.



Keywords: Madagascar, climate change, policy, adapation, economy.

Schlagwörter: Madagaskar, Klimawandel, Klimapolitik, Anpassung, Wirtschaft.

Copyright: World Bank



Keywords: Botswana, policy, climate change, rainfalls, drought, adaptation, mitigation, development, environment. Schlagwörter: Botswana, Klimapolitik, Klimawandel, Regenfälle, Dürre, Anpassung, Mitigation, Entwicklung.

Copyright: IIED


Keywords: Madagascar, climate change, livelihoods, agriculture, adaptation.

Schlagwörter: Madagaskar, Klimawandel, livelihoods, Landwirtschaft, Anpassung.

Copyright: USAID



Keywords: Madagascar, climate change, adaptation, agriculture, food security, livelihoods,

Schlagwörter: Madagaskar, Klimawandel, Anpassung, Landwirtschaft, Ernährungsicherung, livelihoods.



Keywords: Mozambique, Climate change, economy, models, Limpopo

Schlagwörter: Mosambik, Klimawandel, Wirtschaft, Modelle

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