Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

UN Africa Adaptation Programme: Tanzania 

UN Africa Adaptation Programme: Tanzania National Communications Strategy

Tanzania Guidelines for integrating CCA in policy making

UNFCCC - Tanzania: Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)

Global Climate Change Alliance in Tanzania

Columbia Law School, Sabin Centre: Climate Change Laws of Tanzania 

SLE/Grantham Res. Inst.: Tanzania Agriculture Climate Resiliance Plan

Tanzania REDD Desk

REDD desk: Lessons Learned from a Logging Boom in Southern Tanzania

Tanzania Meteorological Agency

Rep. of Tanzania / Norw. Emb.: Pro-poor approaches to REDD+

Rep. of Tanzania / Norw. Emb.: National REDD Policy Project Tanzania, Project Review

Rep. of Tanzania / Norw. Emb.: REDD+ pilot projects implementation 2010-2014, lessons learned

Deutsche Klimafinanzierung: Deutscher Einfluss - Rechenschaftspflicht, Transparenz, Tansania

Norw. Emb.: Final review - Combining REDD, FSC and PFM in South-Eastern Tanzania

Norw. Em./CARE Int.: REDD+ Zanzibar pilot project community forest management

Norw. Emb./IDUFOR: Review of the REDD+ pilot project, Kigoma, Tanzania

UNISDR: Making cities resilient assessment - Dar es Salaam

UNDP: Africa Adaptation Programme - Tanzania

UNPD: AAP Tanzania - Resources, Policy Making, Planning

FAO: Tanzania - Welfare impacts of climate shocks

CIFOR/ICRAF: World Agroforestry Centre Tanzania - Collaborative landscape governance

Reliefweb/CGIAR/CCAFS: Gender review of climate change legislation and policy frameworks

World Agroforestry Centre: Tansania - Local traditional institutions, Mangement of natural resources

CGIAR: Climate change vulnerability - food security

SAIIA: Tanzania – Coral reefs – The case of illegal blast fishing

SAIIA: Building climate resiliance in Tanzania, Institutional reform and capacity development