Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

Columbia Law School, Sabin Centre: Climate Change Laws of Malawi

CDKN: SARUA Climate Change Counts mapping study: Malawi Country Report

CDKN: Malawi Climate information - long term development

UNFCCC: The Second National Communication of the Rep. of Malawi to the UNFCCC

UNFCCC, Malawi Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)

LSE/Grantham Institute: Climate change legislation and policy, Malawi

UNDP - Africa Adaptation Programme - Malawi - Resouces, Planning, Policies, Training

World Bank: Climate Future Malawi

World Bank: HIV, disaster management and climate change, challenges for institutions

FCFA: Using climate information to achieve long-term development objectives in Malawi

Malawi: National Disaster Risk Management Policy

Malawi: National Climate Change Management Policy 2016

Malawi: National Climate Change Policy 2012

Malawi: National Climate Change Policy Draft 2013

Malawi: National Adaptation Strategy Impact

Malawi Meteorological Services: Weather and Climate of Malawi

Malawi Department for Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) Capacity Building Project

Malawi: Centre For Climate Change And Disaster Risk Management Research

Malawi hosting international forum on adapting to climate change hosts

GCCA: Global climate change alliance - Malawi

World Bank: National Drought Insurance for Malawi

World Bank: HIV, climate change and disaster management in Malawi

World Bank: Climate variability and economic performance

AfDB: Strenghtening resiliance to climate change in rural Malawi

AfDB: Community-based adaptation

Climate Investment Funds: Malawi

IMF: Malawi Climate Change

UNITAR: Malawi Launches Secondary School Sourcebook on Climate Change

FAO: Malawi: Climate variability, Adaptation strategies - food security

FAO: Climate smart agriculture

FAO: Developing climate smart agriculture strategy

FAO - EU: Malawi climate change strides

FAO: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

IFPRI: Modeling potential impacts, future climate change Mzimba District

EU Global Climate Change Alliance - Malawi, Planning for climate change

AfricaEIN: Malawi state of environment and outlook

ACPC: Assessment of agricultural sector policies and climate change in Malawi

ClimateRights: Malawi

UN CC:Learn in Malawi

Reliefweb: Malawi

WFP: Gemeinsam gegen den Klimawandel

NEPAD: Gender, climate change and agriculture

Future Climate for Africa: Malawi factsheet: Weather and climate information for decision-making

ICLEI-LOCS4Africa: Impacts of climate change, Community adaptation - Blantyre

World Agroforestry Centre: Mapping Malawian farmers' vulnerability to impacts of climate change shocks

World Agroforestry Centre - Am. J. C.C.: Mapping vulnerability, Shire River Basin

USAID: Climate change vulnerability assessment report

DFID: Climate change, food security and agriculture

J. of Agric. Econ.: Climate change and economic growth

CDM/LEAD Workshop: Climate change policy development Malawi