NGOs / NROs and experts on climate change

Earthlife Namibia

Namibia: Nature Foundation

Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET)

Namibian Association of Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Support Organisations (NACSO)

LAG: Indigenous People and climate change in Africa: Namibia

Oxpeckers: Climate tracker

SASSCAL Namibia: Weather stations

Namibia Weather Network

Reliefweb: Floods operational update

Reliefweb: Humanitarian situation

HBS: Namibia climate governance and development

KAS: Namibia Climate change impacts

KAS: Klimareport 2007

KAS: Klimareport 2011

HSS: Namibia: 20 years of tackling climate change

SODI: Umweltbildung

Namibian Youth Coalition on climate change

You Think Green: Namibia Climate change Knowledge Fair

SANBI: Namibia - Climate change impact assessment

World Farmers' Organisation: Namibia - Adapting to climate change

IUCN-IRDNC: Visions of life with climate change

CHM Global warming locations: Ethosha Park

ELDIS: Namibia Climate Change

JAMBA: Disaster risk reduction

Jamba: The changing climate and human vulnerability in north-central Namibia

SAIIA: Transfrontier Conservation Areas

JOTA Africa: Rural Namibia - Gender climate change vulnerability

Pastoralism: Climate change impacts land and natural resource use

GEC: Knowing, farming and climate change

Die Erde: Future agricultural conditions, Okavango Basin

ISOE: Wissenskommunikation, Anpassung an den Klimawandel, Wasserquellen

A. David/J.Braby et al.: Building adaptive capacity in rural Namibia: Community information toolkit

Wilhelm, M., NamUniv.: Impact of climate change in Namibia: A case study of Omusati region