NGOs / NROs and experts on Climate Change

Earthlife South Africa

Heinrich Böll Foundation South Africa

Environmental Monitoring Group

Ground Work

Indigo Development and Change

Indigo - Livestock Farming under Climate Change Conditions

Indigo - Participartory Adapation Handbook

Indigo - Experimental learning for adaptation

Indigo - Adaptation with a human face

Indigo - Adaptation and beyond

Climate and Energy Justice Campaign

Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute

ACDI: Climate change in South Africa – how are we tackling this?

One Million Climate Jobs

Climate Action Partnership (CAP) - Alliance of South African environmental NGO’s

NGO Plus on climate change

Climate Action Partnership

Adaptation Network

Adaptation Network - Development

Adaptation Network - Research

Groundwork: Climate Change

Climate change and global sustainabilty resources

Climate scientists battle South African industry

Climate Change in South Africa and Southern Africa

ERAEnvironment: Paris agreement, commitments too late and too weak

COP 21 and South Africa's impending coal cliff

Africa Check Drought - South Africa

RULiv East London - Eastern Cape: Gemeinebasierter Tourismus

Aachen Cape Town climate ticket

Climate Talk

Climate Change Handbook South Africa

SAIIA: Youth Voices from COP 22

SAIIA - Youth Voices at COP 21

SAIIA: Climate change and the environment

SAIIA: Climate change, adaptation, drought, agriculture Western Cape

SAIIA: Climate change, drought, water

SANBI - Climate change and agricultureELDIS: South Africa - climate change

AGREKON: Vulnerability to climate change, smallholder farmers in the Eastern Cape

Oxfam: Climate change South Africa

ESI: South Africa: Thabametsi’s climate change impact assessment

WRI: World Resources Report Case Study. South Africa: Ecosystem-Based Planning for Climate Change