NGOs / NRO and experts on climate change

Tanzanian Civil Society Forum on Climate Change - Forum CC

Tanzanian Civil Society Forum - Climate Finance Agriculture and Livestock Sector

Tanzania Climate Change Action Net

Natural Resource Forum

TNRF: Climate Change

NRF - Tanzania REDD Photo Stories

NRF - Tanzania REDD Radio Programme

Mama Misutu Campaign

Resource Africa: Visons of life with climate change, Community Stories

Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Drylands Development Planning in Tanzania

Pastoralist Program

OARE: Research in the Environment

Ujamaa Community Resource Team

Exploring sustainable low carbon development pathways - Mapping of initiatives 

Forum CC: Donor dependence and underfunding hampering climate financing in Tanzania

CICERO: Tanzania - Climate change policy analysis

CICERO: Monitoring and evaluation - User satisfaction with climate services

CCIAM: REED architecture in Tanzania - Assessment

CMI: Governance consideratons REDD+ in Tanzania

KAS: Klimareport Tansania

Tanzania Network: Habari, Klimawandel, Klimafinanzierung und Klimagerechtigkeit

IIED: REDD+ pilot projects lessons learned

IEED: Making REDD+ work for communities and forests

ODI: Public spending on climate change- Experiences

ODI: National climate change finance analysis

ODI: International climate finance to Tanzania 2010-2013

ISS: Adaptation Funds REDD und FDM - Corruption

IISD: REDD+ safeguard information system

CDKN Future Climate Africa: Tanzania - Weather and climate information for decision-making

CDKN: Develpment Goals - Renewable energy - Tanzania

CDKN: Working together for REDD+

DowntoEarth: As Tanzania’s Lake Rukwa continues to dry up, NGOs focus on sensitising locals

AllAfrica: Tanzania: Strengthening Farmers' Seed System Through 'Open Source'