Climate Change in Eastern and Southern Africa, Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (Siri Eriksen, Karen O’Brien and Lynn Rosentrater / SADC)

This report highlights some of the challenges of adapting to climate change in eastern and southern Africa. In addition to large changes in temperatures, there is a need to adapt to uncertainty regarding the magnitude and direction of precipitation changes, as well as changing climate variability. Social vulnerability is increasing in some areas of eastern and southern Africa, such that very small meteorological events (such as a minor drought) may have severe impacts on households, social groups, and regions. Multiple stressors interact with climate change to generate vulnerability, which is highly differentiated among places and groups. Although a rich set of indigenous responses exist for coping with climate variability, these strategies are not sufficient in the face of societal transformations and climatic changes. Interventions may also create unplanned outcomes, and may even increase vulnerability or some, if the broader vulnerability context is not taken into account.

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Created Date: 23-11-2015
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