The effect of response measures to climate change on South Africa’s economy and trade (Winkler, Harald / Jooste, Megan / van Seventer, Dirk / Truong, Truong)

The South African economy derives much of its growth from production related to the energy-intensive sectors of its economy. In general, with the climate negotiations on the future of the climate regime post-2012, the implications for energy-intensive and trade-exposed sectors of the economy need to be clearly understood. This research confirms findings of previous studies, that the impacts of response measures may imply losses of exports in some sectors, but also possibly gains in other sectors. In this report the scenarios examined are broader than those examined under an earlier Fund of Research into Industrial Development, Growth and Equity (FRIDGE) study. In particular, this study highlights the impacts which response measures have on sectors other than the manufacturing sector, including mining, agriculture and tourism. The present report has provided a more specific identification of energy-intensive and trade-intensive sectors – and those that are both energy- and trade-intensive.

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Created Date: 30-10-2015
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