Food security in a climate perspective: What role could private sector play regarding investment in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia? (Bachke, Maren Elise / Haug, Ruth)

The cases show that private sector development influences smallholder investments in different ways. For example, smallholder driven private sector development does, to a larger degree, directly influence smallholders than business enterprise driven private sector development. The cases also illustrate that the impact of private sector development on food security and climate resilience varies, and that this impact can be both positive and negative. The voluntary guidelines for responsible agricultural investments (CFS-RAI) state that these different factors should be taken into account when deciding what kind of private sector development and agro-investments to support. The case studies also indicate that it is difficult to determine the economic viability of the different companies studied, and thereby to what degree the companies contribute to economic growth. Finally, there is a need for more information to strengthen monitoring and evaluation of private sector development smallholders.

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