Forest ecosystems in the transition to a green economy and the role of REDD+ in the United Republic of Tanzania (Abidoye, Babatunde / Mungatana, Eric / Mahlalela, Linda / Sacolo, Thabo)

The main objective of this study is to assess whether there is an economic rationale for the reduction of deforestation in the United Republic of Tanzania, by calculating the economic costs and benefits based on current levels of deforestation. The study is part of a range of activities offered by the UN-REDD Programme in support of the Tanzanian Government. REDD+1 is a concept designed to reward developing countries for their verified reductions or removals of forest carbon emissions compared to a forest reference level or forest reference emission level that complies with the relevant safeguards.

Edited by: Ivo Mulder (UNEP) and Beth Mbote (UNEP)
Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA), University of Pretoria, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi 2015

Copyright: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


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