Anticipatory adaptation and the role of decadal climate information in rural African livelihood systems (Nyamwanza, A. et al.)

Schlagwörter: Simbabwe, Mbire Distrikt, Sambesi Tal, Klimawandel, Landwirtschaft, Anpassung

Keywords: Zimbabwe, Mbire District, Zambezi Valley, climate change, agriculture, adaptation



This study aims to explore the utility of anticipatory adaptation to climate variability and related livelihood sensitivities in rural African contexts using the case of Mbire district situated in the mid-Zambezi valley region of Zimbabwe. The provision of decadal climate information (up to ten years), as part of an anticipatory adaptation package, is at the centre of analysis. The study used semi-structured and key informant interviews, with a total of 45 semi-structured interviews being conducted with randomly selected long-term communal farmers in the case study area. Anticipatory adaptation and decadal climate projections are shown to potentially enhance flexibility in adaptation planning vis- à-vis responding to climate variability and other challenges, as well as reduce chances of maladaptation in responding to climate challenges in the context of multiple and reinforcing stresses and shocks.  

Created Date: 06-10-2016
Last Updated Date: 06-10-2016
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