Integrating Indigenous Knowledge Systems into Climate Change Interpretation: Perspectives Relevant to Zimbabwe (Manyanhaire, Itai Offat / Chitura, Miriam)

The theoretical paper argues for the Integration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) with modern climate change science as a basis for sustainable comprehensive community based response to the impacts of climate change. Human beings have a rich history of oral interpretation of climate change and variability through observing changes in behaviour of living organisms within their localities. Such knowledge could be used in determining timing of important agricultural activities, predicting disasters and in the interpretation of climate change. This paper recognizes the power of IKS and proposes a strategy to incorporate it into climate interpretation. In the short to medium term comprehensive documentation of IKS is required as a basis for a national framework policy on climate change and its impacts.


Created Date: 04-11-2015
Last Updated Date: 30-11-2015
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