Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

UNFCCC: Contribution Déterminée à l’échelle Nationale révisée

UNFCCC: Democratic Republic of Congo. Seconde communication nationale à la Convention Cadre sur le Changement Climatique.(French, Französisch)

UNFCCC: Democratic Republic of Congo, third communication (French, Französisch)

UNFCCC: Democratic Republic of Congo, national INDC Climate action plan 2015

UNFCCC: Democratic Republic of Congo, national adapatation plan to climate change 2022-2026

Climate Rights: DR Kongo


Carbon Brief Profile: DR Congo

ClimateHomeNews: Witness bribing minister's family own Carbon credit company

Climate Service Centre: Climate change scenarios Congo Basin

Climate Service Centre: Fact sheet climate change DR Congo

GFDRR: Strengthening Hydro-Meteorological and Climate Services DR Congo

IITA: Meteorological stations - monitoring climate change

PreventionWeb: National adaptation plan to climate change (2022-2026)

Relief Web/Gov. of the Netherlands: Climate Change Profile, DR Congo (East)

Relief Web: DR Congo, floods and other problems (humanitarian issues)

Relief Web/WFP: Climate crisis and action in DR Congo, Dec. 2023

FBA/RESEAU CREF/Strong Roots Congo: Climate related security risks in the Easten DRC

World Bank: Climate risk country profile - DR Congo

World Bank: Climate change knowledge portal, DR Congo

World Bank: DR Congo, Country climate and development report

World Bank: DR Congo, Kinshasa, vanguard of megacities, climate resilience

AfDB: DR Congo, Climate change profile

Green Climate Fund: DR Congo

UNDP: Cassava adapting to climate change

UNDP: DR Congo – Climate change adaptation

UNDP: Climate promise, DR Congo

IISD: DR Congo, Greenhouse gas emissions baseline projection

ClimateChangeNews: DR Congo climate plan

NORAD: National REED Evaluation DR Congo

USAID Climatelinks: DR Congo

USAID/Reliefweb: Climate change country profile, DR Congo

USAID: DR Congo, climate change country profile

USAID: Forests for the future, DR Congo

USAID: DR Congo, Climate risk resilience, food security

Centre Internat. Forest Research: DR Congo

Centre Internat. Forest Research: DR Congo, climate change and forests in the Congo Basin

CIFOR: The context of REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

CIFOR: Adaptation REDD+ forest Congo Basin

CIFOR: The forests of the Congo Basin, state of the forests 2021

CBI: Congo Basin Institute

DR Congo joins clean air coalition

DICF .UNEP GRID: DR Congo, climate change


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