Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung Seychelles

LSE/Grantham Research Inst.: Laws and Policies, Seychelles

CDKN: SARUA Climate Change Counts - Mapping study: Seychelles Country Report

CDKN: Lessons from Seychelles: addressing climate change vulnerability through integrated coastal planning and micro-finance

UNFCCC: Seychelles

UNEP: Nairobi Convention - Seychelles has embraced sustainability

Ministry of Environment: Seychelles climate change scenarios (

Climate Rights: Seychelles

ACPC assessment – climate change needs in Seychelles and Mautritius (

Metoffice: Seychelles - weather forecast

Meteorological authority to host regional climate change portal

IMF: Seychelles - Climate change policy assessment

SNA: Seychelles President: The world must do something about climate change

SNA: Seychelles - Climate change - economic challenges

SNA: Ahead of UN climate conference Seychelles pledges to protect all mangroves

SNA: COP 28, seagrass protection

SNA: COP 28, Seychelles launches first discussion on impact of climate change on health

SNA: COP 28, Seychelles president pleads for change in concessionary climate financing - access for SIDS

SNA: Seychelles get EU funding for climate change adaptation

SNA: EU funds second climate change project

SNA: Seychelles gets approval for IMF disbursement of $ 2.3 million following the sixth review

SNA: Seychelles to share knowledge on ocean through new learning centre

SNA: Socio-economic development, climate change - Seychelles and Germany

SNA: Seychelles, government and business tackle climate change - future planning

IPS News: Seychelles, Mobilising tools for renewable energy investment

CBC: Seychelles president makes underwater plea to protect world's oceans

SEAS: Improving climate change resiliance - sea level rise

Greenpeace: Ocean health at heart, How communities in Seychelles are driving mangrove rehabilitation

USAID: Restoring coral reefs

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