Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

LSE/Grantham Res. Institute: Climate change laws, Mozambique

UNFCCC: Mozambique, Biennial update report, BUR 1, 2022

UNFCCC/Gov Moz: Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) of Mozambique to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

CDKN: SARUA Climate Change Mapping Study, Mozambique Country Report

The Government of Mozambique has approved a three-year plan to begin implementation of its nationally determined contribution (NDC)

Rep. of Moz., Office of the Pres.: Pres. Statement, UN, climate change 2015

Mozambique: Forest reference emission level for reducing emissions from deforestation in natural forests

Climate Rights: Mozambique

WMO: World Weather Information Service - weather forcast - Maputo, Mozambique

World Bank: Climate Change Knowledge Portal - Mozambique

World Bank: Mainstreaming climate change into Mozambiques planning - key to build resilient economy

World Bank: Vulnerability, risk reduction and adaptation to climate change, Moz.

World Bank: Country climate and development report

UN Habitat: Climate change assessment for Maputo, Mozambique

Instituto National de Gestao de Calamidades

Instituto National de Meteorologia

GIZ: Anpassung an den Klimawandel

BMZ: Mosambik

Connective Cities: Mangrovenwald als Schutzwall in Quelimane, Mosambik

IIED, Monitoring and Evaluation - national climate adapatation

WeAdapt, Adaptation, Mozambique

Preventionweb: Cyclone Freddy - climate action saves lives, Mozambique

Reliefweb: Mozambique

Reliefweb: Mozambique country climate and development report

Reliefweb: Mozambique - Cyclone Idai and Cylone Kenneth response

Reliefweb: Climate change leaves 1.6 Million in Mozambique in need of urgent assistance

CIAT/CCAFS: Country Profiles, Mozambique, Climate smart agriculture

IUCN: Mozambique climate change gender action plan report

IUCN: Climate change adapatation project, four districts, Inhambane Province

UNEP: How salt loving trees help to protect Mozambique, climate change

Africanclimatefoundation/IPFPRI et al.: From climate risk to resiliance, economic impacts climate change Mozambique

MER/NCEA/Dutch Sustain. Unit: Climate Change Profile Mozambique

The Netherlands, M. of Foreign Affairs: Climate Change Profile: Mozambique

IRISH AID: MOZ-Country-Climate-Action-Report-for-2015-Mozambique

SIDA: Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Mozambique

USAID: Climatelinks, Mozambique, Risk profile, emissions fact sheet, adaptation

USAID: Climate change risks profile, Mozambique

USAID: ATLAS: Health and climate change assessement

DFID, DGIS/UCL: participatory planning climate compatible development, Maputo

A.H./J.B.: Reducing climate change vulnerability in Mozambique: from policy to practice

Opportunities for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Development Planning and Decision-Making

Adelphi: Nachhaltigkeitsstudie – Gemeindebasierte Katastrophen-Management Komitees

CDKN: Project: Supporting the Mozambique Climate change and development country programme

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