Einführung/Introduction Malawi

Malawi ist ein Binnenland im südlichen Afrika. Es erstreckt sich entlang des großen Grabenbruchs über 900 Kilometer von Norden nach Süden. Seine Ost-Westausdehnung bemisst zwischen 90 und 161 Kilometern. Die Landesfläche umfasst 118.484 km² und ist in drei Regionen unterteilt: dem Süden, einer Hochebene im mittleren Landesteil und dem gebirgigen Norden. Der Malawisee ist einer der größten Seen Afrikas, er ist zwischen 16 und 80 Kilometer breit und 569 Kilometer lang. Im Norden sind die Regenfälle stärker als im Süden, Starkregen sind in manchen Gebieten ein Problem.

Weitere Informationen zu Malawi

Malawi is a landlocked country located in southern central Africa along the western part of the Great Rift Valley of Africa. Covering a total area of 118,484 km², it stretches some 900 km north to south, and between 90 and 161 km east to west. Malawi is bordered by the United Republic of Tanzania to the north and north east, Mozambique to the east, south and south west, and Zambia to the west. The country is divided into three regions: the Southern Region, which is undulating and densely populated; the Central Region, which consists of fertile plains and is well-populated; and the mountainous and sparsely populated Northern Region. Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa, spanning a length of 568 km and a width of between 16 and 80 km. In the north, the Rift Valley Escarpment rises steeply from the Lake, reaching altitudes of 2,500m above sea-level. This area includes the Nyika Plateau and the forested Viphya Plateau.

Source: http://www.sadc.int/member-states/malawi/ /


Climate Watch Data / Klimadaten: Malawi

Source: SDG Linkages Northrop, E., H. Biru, S. Lima, M. Bouye, and R. Song. 2016. “Examining the Alignment Between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals.” Working Paper. Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. Available online at: www.climatewatchdata.org

Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

CDKN: SARUA Climate Change Counts mapping study: Malawi Country Report

CDKN: Malawi Climate information - long term development

UNFCCC: The Second National Communication of the Rep. of Malawi to the UNFCCC

UNFCCC: The Third National Communication of the Rep. of Malawi to the UNFCCC

UNFCCC, Malawi Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)

UNFCCC, Malawi updated Nationally Determined Contributions

UNFCCC, Malawi's revised Nationally Determined Contributions

UNFCCC, Malawi's first biennial update report

LSE/Grantham Institute: Climate change legislation and policy, Malawi

LSE/Grantham Institute: Future climate projections for Malawi

ClimateRights: Malawi

World Bank: HIV, disaster management and climate change, challenges for institutions

Malawi: National Climate Change Management Policy 2016

Malawi: National Adaptation Strategy Impact

Malawi Meteorological Services: Weather and Climate of Malawi

Malawi Department for Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) Capacity Building Project

Malawi hosting international forum on adapting to climate change hosts

World Bank: National Drought Insurance for Malawi

World Bank: HIV, climate change and disaster management in Malawi

World Bank: Vulnerability, risk reduction and adaptation to climate change, Malawi

World Bank: WB helps Malawi recover from Cyclone Idai

AfDB: Helping rural households adapt to climate change in Malawi

AfDB: Community-based adaptation

Climate Investment Funds: Malawi

IMF: Malawi Climate Change

UNITAR: Malawi Launches Secondary School Sourcebook on Climate Change

UNWOMEN: Weather forcasts, climate change impact for women farmers

FAO: Malawi: Climate variability, Adaptation strategies - food security

FAO: Climate smart agriculture

FAO: Developing climate smart agriculture strategy

FAO - EU: Malawi climate change strides

FAO: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

UNDP: Supporting communities in climate change adaptation activities

UNDP: Adaptation - Malawi smalllholder farmers - call to action

IFPRI: Modeling potential impacts, future climate change Mzimba District

ACPC: Assessment of agricultural sector policies and climate change in Malawi

UN CC:Learn in Malawi

Reliefweb: Malawi

UNICEF/Reliefweb: Malawi - Humanitarian Situation Report, Flood Situation Report

World Agroforestry Centre: Mapping Malawian farmers' vulnerability to impacts of climate change shocks

World Agroforestry Centre - Am. J. C.C.: Mapping vulnerability, Shire River Basin

USAIDS: Malawi, climate change country profile

USAID: Climate change risk profile – Malawi

USAID: Malawi – Greenhouse gas emmissions fact sheet

USAID: Climate change vulnerability assessment report

Irish Aid: Malawi climate action report

BRACC: Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change: Publications and other resources about resilience and adapting to climate change in Malawi

BRACC: Political economy analysis of the resilience and adaptation to climate change in Malawi

BRACC: State of climate action in Malawi and was used by the government to show their progress at COP26

BRACC: Programme design for building resilience and adpating to climate change

BRACC: Building resiliance and adapting to climate change, Synthesis of the 2021 BRACC evaluation

BRACC: Gender equality and social discussion in PROSPER; Intervention design and impacts

BRACC: Value for money in the building resilience and adapting to climate change programme

DFID: Climate change, food security and agriculture

J. of Agric. Econ.: Climate change and economic growth

Green Cimate Fund/UNDP: Gender Action Plan - Livelihoods in Malawi

Green Climate Fund/UNDP: Gender Assesment: Saving Lives and Protecting Agriculture Based Livelihoods in Malawi

Green Climate Fund/UNDP: Saving Lives and Protecting Agriculture based Livelihoods in Malawi: Scaling Up the Use of Modernized Climate Information

CGIAR-CCAFS: Smallholder farmers and climate smart agriculture: Technology and labor-productivity constraints amongst women smallholders in Malawi

Blantyre - climate risk narratives for the city

Identifying climate services needs Ifor national planning: insights from Malawi

SDNP: Environment, climate change and air quality



NGOs / NROs and experts on climate change

Civil Society Network on Climate Change Cisonecc Facebook Group

Eldis: Malawi - Climate change

Future Climate Africa: Malawi - Weather and climate information for decision making

IFRC: Disaster response law

NGOGCN: COP 22: Gender and climate change

Africanclimatefoundation/IFPRI: From climate risk to resiliance, Unpacking the economic impacts of climate change in Malawi

IIED: Farmers adaptation to climate change

IIED: Farmers become filmmakers - adaptation to climae change

IJEE: Environmental degradation - climate change, electricity generation

ELDIS - Sustainability: Institutions - ecosystem based development potentials

Oxfam Blog: Klimawandel in Malawi

Oxfam: Climate change - women are hit worst

Oxfam: Wind of change, Climate change, poverty and the environment in Malawi

Oxfam: Tretpumpen, Überschwemmungen die Stirn bieten

350Africa: Attention - climate road show

Climate Change Adaptation for Rural Livelihood and Agriculture (CARLA) Project

Brot für die Welt: Bewässerungsanlagen

Brot für die Welt, Gartenprojekte und Klimawandel

Welthungerhilfe: Malawi nach dem Zyklon Idai

Action Medeor: Hilfe in Malawi nach dem Zyklon Idai

DAPP: Malawi mitigating the impact of climate change

IDS: Social Protection or Humanitarian Assistance: Contested Input Subsidies and Climate Adaptation in Malawi

IDS - Future Agriculture: Climate change and agricultural policy processes

Trocaire: Climate change case studies Malawi

MN UIO NO: Socio-economic consequences of climate change

Proplantea: Participatory climate change awareness

Jamba: Climate change in semi-arid Malawi: Perceptions, adaptation strategies and water governance

AfricaPortal: Gender, agriculture and climate change in Malawi

AllAfrica/Genderlinks: Climate change threatens food security

ClimateHomeNews: Malawi - climate change scientists help tea farmers

DevEX: Farmers learn to combat climate change

Africa Portal: Southern African agriculture and climate change: Malawi

African Argument: Cyclone, rains, disaster, emergency response

African Arguments: Climate change awareness raising, story telling

ANU Edu. Coll. Health Medicine: Agricultural adaptation under a changing climate in Malawi

Regional Environmental Change: Evidence and perceptions of rainfall change in Malawi: Do maize cultivar choice

Gender Climate Tracker - Malawi

Foreign Affairs: Climate Shocks and Humanitarian Crises

Mainstreaming conservation agriculture in Malawi: Knowledge gaps and institutional barriers

Conservation agriculture enhances resistance of maize to climate stress in a Malawian medium-term trial

The economic costs of extreme weather events - Malawi

LSE, Bhave, A.G. et al.: Lake Malawi's threshold behaviour: A stakeholder-informed model to simulate sensitivity to climate change

Maize, Cassava, and Sweet Potato Yield on Monthly Climate in Malawi

Rethinking Climate-Smart Agriculture Adoption for Resilience-Building Among Smallholder Farmers: Gender-Sensitive Adoption Framework, Malawi and Zambia




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