NGOs / NROs and experts on climate change

Civil Society Network on Climate Change Cisonecc Facebook Group

Eldis: Malawi - Climate change

Future Climate Africa: Malawi - Weather and climate information for decision making

IFRC: Disaster response law

NGOGCN: COP 22: Gender and climate change

IIED: Farmers adaptation to climate change

IIED: Farmers become filmmakers - adaptation to climae change

IJEE: Environmental degradation - climate change, electricity generation

ELDIS - Sustainability: Institutions - ecosystem based development potentials

Oxfam Blog: Klimawandel in Malawi

Oxfam: Climate change - women are hit worst

Oxfam: Wind of change, Climate change, poverty and the environment in Malawi

Oxfam: Tretpumpen, Überschwemmungen die Stirn bieten

350Africa: Attention - climate road show

Climate Change Adaptation for Rural Livelihood and Agriculture (CARLA) Project

Brot für die Welt: Bewässerungsanlagen

Welthungerhilfe: Malawi nach dem Zyklon Idai

Action Medeor: Hilfe in Malawi nach dem Zyklon Idai

DAPP: Malawi mitigating the impact of climate change

IDS: Social Protection or Humanitarian Assistance: Contested Input Subsidies and Climate Adaptation in Malawi

IDS - Future Agriculture: Climate change and agricultural policy processes

Trocaire: Climate change case studies Malawi

MN UIO NO: Socio-economic consequences of climate change

Proplantea: Participatory climate change awareness

Jamba: Climate change in semi-arid Malawi: Perceptions, adaptation strategies and water governance

AfricaPortal: Gender, agriculture and climate change in Malawi

AllAfrica/Genderlinks: Climate change threatens food security

ClimateHomeNews: Malawi - climate change scientists help tea farmers

DevEX: Farmers learn to combat climate change

Africa Portal: Southern African agriculture and climate change: Malawi

ANU Edu. Coll. Health Medicine: Agricultural adaptation under a changing climate in Malawi

Regional Environmental Change: Evidence and perceptions of rainfall change in Malawi: Do maize cultivar choice

Gender Climate Tracker - Malawi

Foreign Affairs: Climate Shocks and Humanitarian Crises

Mainstreaming conservation agriculture in Malawi: Knowledge gaps and institutional barriers

Conservation agriculture enhances resistance of maize to climate stress in a Malawian medium-term trial

The economic costs of extreme weather events - Malawi

LSE: Lake Malawi's threshold behaviour: A stakeholder-informed model to simulate sensitivity to climate change

Maize, Cassava, and Sweet Potato Yield on Monthly Climate in Malawi


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