NGOs / NROs and experts on climate change Mozambique

Koordinationskreis Mosambik

ERA Environment: COP 22 - Non-state actors from Mozambique



CDKN: Mozambique

Famine Early Warning Systems Network

Natural Resource Institute et al.: Climate learning - Mozambique

Action Group for Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development: Mozambique

Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance: Development Interventions

NCAP Mozambique: Climate Adaptation, Water and Disasters

MUGEDE: Gender and climate change in Mozambique

HBS/HBF: Gender and climate change, Mozambique case study - climate change

KAS: Mosambik, Klimareport

Relief Web: Participation and planning for climate change – Maputo, Mozambique

NIDM: Mosambik: Climate change - disaster risk

CARE: Women and girls coping with climate change

CARE: Hope dries up? El Nino, women and girls

CARE: Mozambique: Climate change and poverty

CARE: Mosambik Klimawandel Kleinbauern Anpassung

CARE/FR: El Nino, Die Trockenheit wird noch viel schlimmer

KKM/BfdW: Mosambik: Rohstoffabbau

ELDIS: Mozambique - climate change

Germanwatch: Global-Climate-Risk Index: Who suffers most?

DRK: Unser Leben hat sich verbessert

Global Env. Change: Everyday realities of climate change adaptation in Mozambique